Some tips for a Successful Resume


Some tips for a Successful Resume that will help you getting the job you want!


What is the basic requirement for a happy life?

You would say love, some would say quiet family life and some would say material stuff that keeps them happy. Some people are searching for the perfect job and they just live the life for the things they want to do.

So just think if you are that kind of person and let’s say you are looking for a certain job. You found an advertisement that describes the perfect job, you have all the skills about that job and you are prepared – all you need now is CV to send and if the recruiter likes it then you are in!


The Resume is the first thing that the employer will see about you so it needs to be nicely presentable so that is can make good impression about you on the employer.

Try to create resume in the right way: The Things which are important are to be placed at the beginning and then passing to the less important things like your other details about life, hobbies, etc.

Stretching the truth should be avoided – we all want to make good first impression in front of the employer, so we just start telling the things which are not true just to impress him. But the Qualified Managers are experienced and have seen lots of resumes so usually fraud can easily be spotted by them.

The one of the best thing to make about your resume is highlighting the important skills that you have, the ones that make you stand out from the crowd of all other resumes which are read by your employer daily. You have to make the company feel that you are the person they are looking for by convincing them. Try researching information on your recruiter and mention how your skills would meet with their requirements.

Quantifying your success – this means that suppose you have worked in sales , so make sure the mention the real numbers , like the real no. of clients you have successfully dealt with. Try to mention it with statistics and percentage if possible, this way you show good results about your work and the employers usually appreciate it.

Also include other references in your CV – that is the past employers or the professors if you are fresher. Some companies also contact the persons you referred in order to verify you & your skills and this definitely increase your chances of getting the job.

Just remember that a good resume is the key to success, so make your CV as good as you can.

Printable Resumes:

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