Resume Templates that Get You Noticed

by ryan on September 10, 2017


Resume Templates that Get You Noticed


Now you can get these exciting resume templates that have been designed to focus on the employer. Your resume will stand out and get you more attention than the standard plain black and white formats and that is what you want!

Resumes have been behind the times for twenty years! Resumes were limited to black and white because they were created on typewriters for a century.

Resumes are finally catching up with today’s technology. Give your resume charisma with these eye catching designs!

Many employers, HR personnel, and recruiters are excited to see these resume designs. Resume Charisma templates are created with the reader (employer) in mind. Your information is easy to locate and read or scan.

You can use these templates as email or printed resumes. Send them as a Word or PDF file. Type or cut and paste your information. You can edit all the fields.

Graphic Resumes Have Proven to Get More Attention

In fact, we sent traditional plain black & white resumes and resumes created with Resume Charisma templates for the same candidate, with the exact same information, to the same employer, for the same job, just days apart with just one thing different – the contact information. YES you probably guessed it, the Resume Charisma resumes got calls for interviews 1.8 times more.

That is almost double!!!

Stand Out from the Crowd! Get the Attention of Employers and Recruiters and Get Hired! PROVEN RESULTS

Premium Word Format Templates For Resumes That Get Interviews!


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