No More Resumes

by ryan on September 10, 2017


No More Resumes


You need to learn one vital life lesson:

Most people work so they can retire one day, and not work anymore. Most jobs stink, even at their best. Jobs don’t make employees rich. They make owners and investors rich. Become one of those.


Read these articles first:

Post to the bigs, blast to the ‘secret job market’
Will resume blasting BLAST your job search?

You essentially have four options for distributing your resume and cover letter:

You can hand-deliver them (or email them, or snail mail them) to potential employers.
You can post to job sites yourself.
You can have somebody else post to job sites for you.
You can have somebody else blast your resume.
The first two options aren’t wrong. In fact, I suggest that’s how you’ll get hired.

But the other options should be part of your broader strategy. Remember, you don’t have a moment to lose. If you maximize your exposure, you’re likely to maximize your chances. All long as your “generic” resume and cover letter (an oxymoron in many ways) are still solid.

I suggest a three-pronged strategy. And if you’re really serious, consider skipping directly to step three.

Step One: Post to the “big” job boards

Like You can find a nice set of them here, plus a couple others worth a hard look: job sites.

But if you try to do this yourself, you’ll probably end up with poor, or at least spotty distribution. And it takes huge amounts of time. Even if you just want to hit the “top 75” boards, you easily could spend 60 hours or more.

Frankly, that’s insane. Especially when there are companies that will do it for you at a very reasonable price, like this one: First you fill out a single, simple form at Then 1.5 million hiring managers see your resume on over 75 top job sites within 5 minutes.You can specify job site category to focus your job search. Why spend over 60 hours doing this yourself (their estimate, but I can vouch for the pain)? Remember, you don’t have a minute to lose.

When you visit, make sure you review their “Features and Benefits” page. Their career site auto-login report alone will save you hours of headache.

Step Two: “Blast” your resume

But only to highly targeted recruiters who really do want to know about you. I’m not talking about spamming the entire planet. I mean sending your resume to recruiters who have signed up to receive it.

You want to contact highly targeted recruiters and employers who need to fill jobs NOW. Those who might have a position at some time in the next year or two aren’t worth your time. And if you’re employed, you want to be discreet about it so your boss doesn’t fire you.

This company lets you do all that FAST. They’ve been online since 1997, and they’re good at what they do:

The folks have been in business since 1997. They have three levels of service that let you blast your resume to as many as over 3,000 recruiters, targeted by geography and discipline. Does it work? Here’s what one of their customers had to say:

This service has been a blessing. I received about 7 calls and at least 8 emails within the first 3 days of the blast. I had offers from 4 companies for an interview. I was offered a job as a direct result of the blast after one of my interviews…. Now I have the opportunity to work for a company that has EXCELLENT benefits and competitive pay.

Russell Lambert – Baltimore, MD

Step Three: Comprehensive distribution

This simply wasn’t avaialable (or at least not as well known) for my last job search. If it had been, I could’ve been richer today. If I were searching right now, I’d seriously consider this option.

Some services maintain a database of highly interested recruiters that they send your resume to. This echnology that actively manages your job search campaigns to find 500+ still-fresh targets for your search.

You can have your campaign underway within 24 hours, and you get to preview their blast list before it goes out. They also throw in a free resume critique, cover letter and thank you letter if you want. I was impressed by their satisfaction guarantee. They seem genuninely interested in making your job search successful.

Visit their services page to see their distribution levels (by industry and geographic coverage).

Here are a few great resume templates:



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