15 Dental Assistant Resume Templates

by ryan on September 11, 2017


Dental Assistant Resume Templates


Dental assistant resume template is constructed for the people in searching for the job in the field of dental surgery. A sample template for this position is provided below that would help you in creating your resume for the position of a dental assistant. You do not have to just copy the same template or sample, rather you can also customize it according to your preference. But make sure that the information that you have entered is perfectly correct and updated so that there is no further complications in the near future.


There are some of the points that you should remembered before drafting the resume for this position, such as the resume should be short with relevant information, highlight the essential features of the resume such that includes your academic qualifications, present and past experience, and job responsibilities, and your resume should have a professional outlook.

Let us have a look on a dental assistant resume template, as it will give you a clear idea of how to prepare a customize resume for the required position.

Dental Assistant Resume Template

Contact Details

Full name of the candidates
Permanent address of the candidate or correspondence address
Telephone number (home and cell)
Email address

Career objective: Purpose of drafting resume that includes the position for which you are applying

Educational Qualification: It should be written in reverse chronological order. Also, mention the certification course and other diploma course that you possess.

Name of the degree/course
Name of the University/College
Year of Passing
Duration of the course

Project Details: The project work that you completed during your college time and the internship too.

Name of the project 1
Title of the project
Description of the project
Duration of the project

Name of the project 2
Title of the project
Description of the project
Duration of the project

Skill set and core competences- Mention the skills and qualities that you possess during your working period. You can also include the computer skills and other skills as well.

Professional Summary: Mention a summary of the work details that you possess. It is written in reverse chronological order i.e starting from the most recent to the start of the career. You need to include the past experience as well. Highlight the essential parts of the professional details as well such as your tenure of work,

Working experience: Experiences include the working history of the candidate in reverse chronological order. It includes

Designation of the candidate Name of the organization Duration of the work Job description

Extra-curricular activities: It includes the other kinds of activities that you perform in the office except your assigned job duties.

Achievements: Achievements includes the awards that you receive for the excellent services that you provide to the organization.

References: References acts as a job boosting in getting a call for the interview from any of the reputed organization. It includes

Name of the referral
Email address of the referral
Designation of the referral
Contact number of the referral
Address of the referral

Personal details: It includes your personal details such as

Date of birth
Marital status
Driving license number
Social security number

Sample Assistant Dental Resume

Personal Details

Name: Roger Bristol
Address: 658, Haunted Street, New York, USA
Contact number: 987-987-9696
Email: rogerbristol@nmail.com

Career Objective

To get a call for interview for the position of dental assistant from any of the reputed organization. I have an experience of 5 years in this field and hope to continue my best services to your organization.

Skill set / core competencies

Dedicated and reliable employee
Hardworking and passionate towards work
Responsible and multi-talented
Work Experience

Designation: Dental Assistant
Organization name: ABC Medical hospital, New York, USA
Duration: October 2008–Till date

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide assistant to the senior dentist while performing surgery
Arrange the surgical instruments for the surgery
Make sure that the patients are provided with proper medications
Monitor the activities of the other staff members and help them in completing their daily activities
Educational Qualifications

Masters in Dental Surgery from New York Medical College, New York University, USA, 2007
Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery from New York Medical College, New York, USA, 2004

Name: Mr. Michal Thomas
Designation: Head of the Department
Organization: ABC Medical Center, USA
Phone No: 966 – 858 – 1234
E-mail: michal_thomas@hotmail.com

Name: Mr. Garry Dawn
Designation: Surgeon
Organization: ZS Medical Asociation, USA
Phone No: 123-456-9887
E-mail: garry_dawn@hotmail.com

Other Personal Details

Date of Birth: 19/7/1982
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married
Children: Two
Driving license: Yes, B category

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