10 Powerful Resume Templates

by ryan on September 10, 2017


Download and print these 10 Powerful Resume Templates


Resume writing and resume template is one of the most common word related to job search. Do you know what is the exact purpose of resume and why it is being constructed?

Let me explain you in detail. People from all corners of the world search for a jobs according to their profile and for this they require a resume that should carry their professional and personal information in brief.


In short, a resume is a professional document that highlights the essential important aspects such as career objective, past and present professional experience, skill set, academic qualifications, achievements and contact details.

Resume Template

In this site, we are providing you with various resume templates that will help you in constructing your resume according to your profile. Frankly speaking there is no such format for resume writing, but yes, these you have to include the important details as mentioned above.


Important tips for resume writing

Let us now have a look on some of the important tips for resume writing.

Resume should be short and precise, carrying correct and relevant information

It should highlight your professional summary effectively. Go through the resume once or twice before sending it to the recruiter and check sentence construction and grammatical mistakes before mailing the resume to the recruiter. Make sure that your resume has a professional and appealing effect in the eyes of the recruiter.

There are various types of resume templates such as chronological template, functional template, combinational template, targeted template, executive template and mini template. In chronological template, you need to mention the full work history in descending order i.e. starting from the present till the beginning of the career, followed by the other details such as academic qualifications, technical or professional skills and personal details.

Next comes the functional template in which you need to highlight skills and experience. This is basically used by job seekers who keep on changing their career or those who have a gap in their professional career.

Professional experience and skill set

In combination template, you need to mention the professional experience and skill set first. After that you need to mention your employment history. You can also combine the profile, experience and career goals in the introduction section, followed by the academic qualifications, technical skills and personal details.

In the targeted template, you need to customize your resume, highlighting your present and past experience along with the skill set. No doubt that it takes a long time to write a targeted resume as compared to the other resumes.

Now let us look at executive resume template, it start with the contact details followed by career objective professional experience along with the job responsibilities (past and present), educational qualifications, skill set, area of interest, achievements and personal details. In mini template, you need to just mention a brief summary of your professional and educational qualifications. It acts as an overview of the resume.

Furthermore, we are going to discuss some more resume templates such as nursing resume template, business resume template, federal resume template, military resume template, electrician resume template, paralegal resume template, and dental assistant resume template, as it will help you in clearing your doubts regarding resume writing and what all necessary things need to be included in your resume.

With the help of these resume templates, you can easily get an idea of constructing a resume according to your job prospective. Do remember to attach a cover letter with your resume, as it has an appealing effect in the eyes of the recruiter, as they can get a clear overview of your experience and job responsibilities.





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