Resume writing secrets And Starter Templates

by ryan on December 22, 2017


Resume writing secrets that produce job offers


Most people mistakenly think that a resume is a summary of one’s prior work experience and career. This is wrong! Properly written it is an advertisement specifically designed to get a job interview! Like it or not, getting an interview can be 90% “how you market yourself” and 10% “your employment record”. You get one shot to “create impact”. You better make it your best shot.


On this site you will learn what makes for an effective resume – one that accomplishes its objective – to earn a job interview. Nothing more. Getting the job will be up to you! A resumes sole purpose is to get you in the door for an interview. In order to accomplish that objective you must write with that in mind; this is really an advertising job. You need to write an effective, dynamic one or two page ad for your product – and your product is you.

Consider the costs…

Do you know the cost of having a poorly prepared resume?

Obviously the cost of not getting a job you really wanted is something to consider. However, if by using the techniques that we will discuss you were able to get a job 1 week SOONER than otherwise, it would save you $961 (based on a $50,000 salaried job)! Using the same calculation, if by using a shoddy resume that took you an extra 30 days to secure your job, it would have cost you $4166 in lost salary – that is expensive.

Should I hire a resume writer?

One of the key decisions you will need to make is whether to hire a writing service or to prepare your own. We will certainly give you all the information you need to write a “killer resume“, however, it will come down to your ability to write a sound sales piece incorporating all of the techniques that we teach you.

The bottom line is the cost of a poor resume is huge, as noted above.

To decide whether or not you should write your own or hire somebody else, go to this page to learn the pros and cons.
If you are sure that you need a pro to do the writing for you, go to our resume writing services page for our recommended list of professional writers.

Did you know…?


Resume writing is not simply summarizing your prior work history; it involves skillfully marketing yourself to employers.

Hiring managers will initially only give your resume mere seconds to impress them.

There are a few simple yet critical techniques you can use to separate yourself from 90% of the other candidates.

A high percentage of resumes that candidates submit are flawed in at least one or more areas; this quickly eliminates them from consideration!

The “Objective Tie-in” will instantly put your resume in the “to be read” stack – if used correctly.

You should never have just one resume – one size does not fit all. Each job is different.





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Discover The Job Search Secret

by ryan on September 12, 2017


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