Discover The Job Search Secret

by ryan on September 12, 2017


Discover The Job Search Secret


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Business resume templates

by ryan on September 11, 2017


Printable Business resume templates


Business resume templates are designed for variety of job purposes. This type of template is used for both fresher’s and experienced candidates. It is important that your resume should stand out of the crowd, as it should be appealing in the eyes of the employers and it should have a professional outlook. While constructing a resume, it is important that you should highlight the essential aspect of the resume such as your experience and skill set. Usually the recruiter goes through the following points: when hiring experienced candidates but in case of freshers they look on the internship, in-house projects and on-job training that they completed during their studies.


A well drafted business resume can help you in getting a job in any of the reputed organization. Make sure that the resume is short and precise with relevant information. Many job seekers create lengthy resumes i.e. 4–5 page long, as it creates a negative aspect in the mind of the recruiter and the recruiter may discard your resume.

When you finish compiling your resume, proofread it twice or thrice before sending it to the recruiter, so that the resume is error-free. Make sure that you Let us have a look at a template for writing business resume, followed by a sample business resume.

Business Resume Template

Contact Details: Contact details include the name of the candidate applying for the job, their email address, contact number and address of correspondence.

Objective: Objective/aim comprises the position you are looking for.

Skill Set: It includes the qualities within you and the skills that you gained in your past and present organization. Skill set can further categorized in technical skills and other skills.

Academic Qualifications: Mention the educational details in a reverse chronological order i.e. starting from the higher degree to the least. For eg, mention the post graduation degree followed by the graduation degree and so on. You can also mention the diploma degree or any certification degree that you possess.

Project Details: It includes the in-house project details and the internship that you performed for competing your professional degrees. It is important for the freshers but experienced candidates can also mention it.

Working Experience: Working experience include your past and present experience along with the job description. You need to mention your current designation, the name of the company, and the duration of your work. Remember to mention the past working history too.

Interest: It includes your hobbies and your interest that are related to the work. List them using bullet points and make sure that you can justify the points that you have entered.

Activities and achievements: Mention the activities that you participated in the organization and also list the awards that you received during your working period. Extra-curricular activities can also be included in this section.

References: It is one of the most important section that helps you in getting a call for the interview from any of the reputed organization. It includes the name of the referral, their designation, email address and contact number. You can also mention more than one reference in your resume.

Personal details: It includes your citizenship, date of birth, marital status, driving license number and social security number.

Sample Business Resume

Contact Details

Name: Marie Luthar
Address: 119 White Witch Road, Wichita, New York, United States
Phone number: 987-678-3432

Career Objective

Seeking for a position of a business analyst in your organization. I am a hard-working and dedicated person with a sound knowledge of the business ventures. I have an experience of 5 years in this domain and possess excellent communicational skills.

Skills and Core Competences

Highly skilled, having sound knowledge of the business ventures
Excellent communicational skills
Positive attitude and an excellent problem solver
Offer high quality of services to the organization
Work Experience

Designation: Business Analyst
Organizational name: ABC Construction Big City, United States
Duration: October 2008–Till Date

Duties and Responsibilities

Monitors the overall activities of the employees and makes sure that they complete their task properly
Provide training to the new joiners and conduct meeting and questionnaire session to clear their doubts
Prepare business plans and strategies to improve the quality of the services
Educational Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from New York University, New York, United States, 2006
High School Diploma from San Antonio University, San Antonio, United States, 2003

Business and marketing
Sales and promotion

Name: Kelly White
Designation: General Manager
Organization name: ABC Construction Company, Big City, USA
Phone No: 987-789-9999

Name: Desman Thomas
Position: Sales Manager
Organization: ABC Associates, Washington DC, USA
Phone No: 567-998-1212

Other personal details

Date of Birth: 2 April, 1986
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Marital status: Married
Children: One
Driver’s License: Yes, B category

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